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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of pets can have rehabilitation?

We provide rehabilitation for dogs and cats. If you have other family pets who you think may benefit, please call us and we can discuss it with you.


Can I also get my pet’s vaccines and a toenail trim while at a rehabilitation session?

We strive for a healing, low-stress environment for our patients. To achieve this goal we do not provide any other medical, grooming or non-rehabilitation services during sessions. 


How many rehabilitation sessions will my pet need?

The number of sessions will depend on the reason for rehabilitation and your pet’s individual needs, as well as their response to treatment. We will discuss a specific plan and duration of treatment after the initial consultation.


Do you offer a day boarding option if I need to drop my pet off for a session?

We have very limited space for day boarding and reserve these for patients who need a longer rehabilitation session. Please plan to pick up your pet as soon as their session is over.


How long will a typical rehabilitation session last?

Sessions can vary from 15 minutes to an hour for most patients. Pets with complex medical issues may need longer sessions. We will discuss the frequency and length of sessions recommended after the initial consultation. Session lengths can change over time depending on your pet’s needs and progress.


Will you keep the referring veterinarian up to date on my pet’s status while in rehab?

We will send your primary care veterinarian frequent updates during your pet’s rehabilitation treatment at our facility.


What modalities will you use with my pet?

At the initial consultation we will examine your pet and develop a specific treatment plan with the modalities needed to best address the needs identified during our exam. We may change the modalities at each session depending on your pet’s progress and temperament.


How often do I need to have my pet re-evaluated by the veterinarian and/or physical therapist during the planned treatment timeframe?

The rehabilitation team stays in close communication throughout your pet’s treatment timeframe. Each individual case will need a recheck exam at different intervals depending on the reason for rehabilitation and your pet’s progress. We will keep you informed of any recheck exam needs and changes to our treatment plan. If you feel your pet needs a recheck sooner or would like to discuss any issues with the rehabilitation care team, please leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.


If my pet needs recheck radiographs or bloodwork done as part of the rehabilitation plan, can I have it done at Oak Tree instead of my regular veterinarian?

The veterinarian that referred you to us has confidence in our rehabilitation training to care for your pet’s needs. We are a referral-based rehabilitation practice, and it is our policy that you will continue to visit your regular veterinarian for your pet’s routine primary care needs, such as nail trims, exams, vaccines, follow-up laboratory tests and follow-up radiographs.