Acorn Veterinary Clinic

1340 E. Covell Blvd. #101
Davis, CA 95616





Golden retriever stepping over yellow poles held up by blue traffic conesBlack cat in goggles laying on a blanketRetriever in goggles being held by staff member in sunglasses on blue cushion/padStaff member giving acupuncture to scruffy dog on colorful blanketBlack cat walking through water being held up by red harnessRetriever walking through water with green harness onBoxer dog wearing orange leash and collar looking alertOlder retriever walking through waterHappy retriever walking through bright blue tubeTan dog recieving treatment in gogglesCollie dog sitting on a white blanketWhite scruffy dog being heldLab dog smiling in waterFrench bulldog in a walker with wheelsSad looking lab on a blanket recieving treatmentRetriever on a leash in an arm brace sitting outsideBrown lab with bandaged back leg and orange harness onSpotted dog looking at camera before treatmentHuman in blue mask holding white dog wearing a red leashRetriever with wet ears sitting in waterYellow lab in water grabbing one of many yellow balls in it's mouthFrench Bulldog with wires connected to it's back next to orange plush toy on a blue blanketYellow lab laying on blue blanket receiving treatmentOlder scruffy dog curled up in a tan blanketBlack and white rabbit on a fleece blanket wearing gogglesPitbull wrapped in layers and laying on a grey fleece blanketBrown dog sitting on a brown bed smelling human hand Multicolored long hair dog cuddled up with human on blue tiled floorMulticolored cat in pink harness wearing gogglesGreyhound recieving treatment from staff member operating a machineMix breed dog standing outside being held up by harnessScruffy dog with brace on hind legFrench Bulldog with acupuncture needles sticking out of it's backBlack French Bulldog in walker with wheelsStaff member in pink scrubs holding multicolored dog up by red harnessLarge dog recieving treatment from staff member with machines nearbyPitbull balancing on circular disc on a blue tiled floor